DreamStreamoid pro

DreamStreamoid Server

With the server, you can perform the following actions:
  • shutdown the PC
  • transcode recordings (incl. EPG)
  • download recordings (incl. EPG)

Here can you download the DreamStreamoid Server:
You need JAVA 6 or higher.
The old .NET version doesn't work anymore.

The DreamStreamoid Server consists of these files:
DreamStreamoid.jar The Server! You can start it with a doubleklick.
installService.bat install as Windows service (must be executed by Administrator)
removeService.bat remove Windows service (must be executed by Administrator)
config.properties contains config parameters (must be edited)
jsl.exe Application to install as a service
jsl.ini (do not edit)

A installed VLC can be setup as a windows service:
vlc -I ntservice --ntservice-install --ntservice-extraintf=http

Config of DreamStreamoid pro


The Firewall must not block VLC and JAVA.
The Firewall must not block jsl.exe, if installed as a service.

You can test the server, if you type in the following URL into your browser:
example: http://myPC:8001/infos

After input of user and password, the content of config.properties will be displayed.


If you want to control the computer from the internet, you have to forward the ports to
DreamStreamod Server in the router!