DreamStreamoid pro

Configuration for booting and shutting down the VLC computer

To start a computer from your phone, you have to install the DreamStreamoid Plugin in your enigma 2 receiver.

DreamStreamoid pro sends the MAC address of the computer to the plugin, which starts the computer.

To shutdown the computer, you have to install DreamStreamoid Server on your VLC computer.
DreamStreamoid pro sends the shutdown command to the server.

Configuration of the enigma 2 receiver

You can download the DreamStreamoid Plugin here: DreamStreamoidPlugin.zip
(Version 2: shutdown problem solved)

The directory DreamStreamoid must be copied into
/usr/lib/enigma2/python/Plugins/Extensions/ on the receiver.

The directory contains the following files:

In config.txt you have to configure "port", "user" and "password" .

After a reboot of enigma 2, the plugin will be started.

Configuration of the computer

You have to enable WOL (Wake On LAN) in the BIOS.

In Windows, you have to adjust several parameters in the network settings.

for Windows XP (I'm afraid, I don't know the correct words of a english Windows):
>System>Network connections>LAN-Connection>Properties>Configure>Enhanced:

Wake-up, if computer is off. On
Wake-up functions Magic Packet

Here can you download the DreamStreamoid Server:
(The .NET Framework 2.0 or higher is needed.)

DreamStreamoid Server contains these files:

In config.txt you have to configure "port", "user" and "password" .

A installed VLC can be setup as a windows service:
vlc -I ntservice --ntservice-install --ntservice-extraintf=http

At the moment, there is no service of DreamStreamoid Server. But it will be.
But you can put the server into autostart.

Configuration in DreamStreamoid pro

You can find out the MAC address, with this command:
ipconfig /all

If you want to control the computer from the internet, you have to forward the ports to
DreamStreamoid Plugin and DreamStreamod Server in the router!