by Torsten Zey

DreamStreamoid is a android client for enigma2 receivers (dreambox, VU+ ....)
The focus is on the streaming of programs, recordings and videos.
You can easily stream channels and recordings, switch channels,
browse the EPG and choose bitrates and scalings via mobile phone.

You can stream channels, using a VLC-Server, Daroon Player or MX Video Player.

At sufficiently high speed DSL or cable connection you can easily stream TV
via 3G mobile internet onto the phone! A good compromise between bandwidth
and quality is 192 kbit/s for the video and 64 kbit/s for the sound.


for Android version 2.2+ 4.0+ 2.2-3.0
pictures more... more... more...
view bouquets X X X
streaming of TV/radio with VLC over 3G Internet X X X
streaming of TV/radio in your wireless lan X X X
managing and streaming of recordings X X X
support of recording paths X
jump within recordings X X
downloading recordings   new  
deleting recordings X X
managing timers X X X
notification system X X
config of bitrates/scalings/audio channels X X X
separate configuration of radio and TV X X
streaming of radio with the original quality X X
support for audio tracks X X
searching for shows X X X
one-tuner-receiver: auto standby or switch new X X
streaming of VLC mediafiles X X X
EPG - display all shows of a channel X X X
EPG - display actual/next shows X X X
EPG - Multi EPG X X
support of channel icons (Picons) X X X
booting the VLC computer X X
shutting down the VLC computer X X
automatic player switching: wifi<->internet X
quick player switching X
improved radio player X X
HTTP streaming/VLC+external player X X
managing of zapping timers X
switching channels on the tv set X
Remote for a VLC player on a PC soon X
support of configuration profiles X
sync profiles over Google Drive X


for Android version 2.2+ 4.0+ 2.2-3.0
VPlayer or Daroonplayer with WIFI more... more... more...
VLC with WIFI more... more... more...
VLC with 3G (HSDPA) more... more... more...
DreamStreamoid Server   more...  
Enigma2 Plugin to boot the VLC computer   more...  
booting and shutting down the VLC computer     more...
hints     more...

(VLC-streaming works only with VLC 1.x)

Basic requirements:

  • Mobile phone with android version 2.2 or higher
  • A Linux receiver with Enigma2 (Dreambox, VU+...)
  • A router, capable of port forwarding
  • Dynamic DNS (e.g. dyndns.com)

Requirements for streaming (3G):

  • A computer with installed VLC
  • DSL with a high upload rate
  • Mobile internet flat rate
  • HSDPA (less is no fun)
  • Fast mobile phone

Tested with:

  • Receiver: Dreambox DM8000
  • Mobile phone: HTC Desire HD
  • Computer: Athlon64X2 2400
  • Router: Fritzbox 7170
  • DSL: Alice Lite (16 MBit/s - Germany)
  • Mobile net: O2 with internet flat rate (Germany)


Google Play

There is only one pro version in the Google market.
On a device with android 2.2-3.0 the pro version 1.x will be installed.
On a device with android 4.x the pro version 2.x will be installed.